Bet365 4/1 Offer. Earn A £50 Risk-free Bet.

As you would with any other matched bet, you then need to place the back stake with the bookmaker (Bet365) and Lay the bet at your betting exchange (bear in mind the liability you require to place your bet). The bottom of the calculator pop up shows you what happens with each outcome (slight qualifying loss either way).

We recommend linking your matched betting site with Smarkets, and if using OddsMonkey, you will be getting 0% commission by using this function (which is a no-brainer) which is also much speedier.

So, to benefit from your matched bet and run the offer, you sacrifice this small qualifying loss in the hope that your selected horse goes on to win the race. If this happens, then Bet365 credits you with a risk-free bet.

The automatically credited (Bet365 account) risk-free bet will be for the next ITV race, and it will only be possible to use it on that race. You must use the same stake as your qualifying horse matched bet (which was at odds of 5.0 or above). Use your matched betting service (usually reload offers page) or bookmaker to monitor the list of races to find the one you require.

Do not expect to receive a notification of this risk-free bet award from Bet365! You must manually check the races that day and find the right opportunity to take up that risk-free bet (it is not a free bet!).

Use the standard odds matcher to find the best horse within that race, selecting Bet365 and your stake and follow the normal risk-free bet process (a regular matched bet but choose ‘risk-free bet’ in the odds matcher calculator.

Author: Ryan Patterson