Grand National Bet365 £125 Offer Guide 2022

Because the promotion requires each-way betting to qualify. This is an advantage as we can simultaneously run the Extra places strategy for the £125 offer matched betting the Grand National festival.

  • Find a tight match on the extra place matcher;
  • Back the win each way with a bookmaker;
  • Lay the success on the exchange;
  • Lay the place market on the exchange.

Your matched betting service provides you with the details to find the right bets and place your extra places offer bets.

The promotion is won if your horse lands in an extra place position that the bookmaker pays out. For example, a bookie might payout on four places as standard, but in this race, payout on fifth and sixth place (they’re paying out on an ‘extra place’!).

We can win big since covering our bets at the exchange would only cover the standard four places, and therefore if the horse lands in that fifth or sixth place (covered by the bookmaker but not covered by the exchange), we can hit a hefty profit (find as close a match to 100% to lower the qualifying loss, making the offer +EV overall).

Extra places combined with the £125 ‘cashback’ with bet365 can result in a huge payday. To complete the bet 365 offer, you will be betting each way on multiple horses for the race, and so this means there are numerous opportunities for a horse of yours to finish in the extra place and earn you additional profit.

Author: Ryan Patterson