Is Matched Betting A Con?

Let’s look at how matched betting works to show no scam involved! When you sign up and deposit money into particular bookmakers, you’ll unlock a free bonus (as part of their ‘welcome offer’, usually in the form of a risk-free bet. We use these free bets to offset risk, and what’s more, to score a guaranteed profit.

The strategy is ‘guaranteed’ because we follow mathematical equations rather than pure chance. After investing a small amount of money into your bankroll and registering at popular bookmakers, we deposit the funds required to complete their promotional offers.

You will not lose the money you start with; it’s just that you need a balance for multiple account sign-ups, and the more you have, the quicker you can do all of the offers.

We repeat the process with multiple sign-up offers. These offers often sound like, “Bet £10 to receive £20 in free bets”.

Each time we make a matched bet, we place two bets – a back bet on one team, a standard bet that they will win, and a lay bet on the same team not to win (lose or draw).

Matched betting sites find us the offers, and matched betting calculators tell us the exact stakes we need to place. After this process for qualifying bets, we repeat it with the unlocked bonuses; when the money you are betting with is free, you walk away with a profit.

Author: Ryan Patterson