Matched Betting After Free Bets

The Early Payout ‘2Up’ offer is similar to the horse racing extra places offer but instead is for football. It runs on major competitions such as the English Premier League, Champions League and major soccer competitions. The promotion is through the bookmakers Bet365 and Paddy Power.

Again, similarly to extra places, the offer does not require free bets and has unlimited payouts, so there is significant profit potential. We lose the minimal qualifying loss for each opportunity we take, but the offer is +EV overall.

The bookmaker promotion is that if your backed team goes two goals ahead (at any point in the game’s 90 minutes), they payout on the win regardless of the result. Importantly for the matched bettor, this means that even if that team goes on to draw or lose, the back bet is won, and thus it opens up the possibility of both the back bets and lay bets paying out!

As outlined fully in our guide to 2Ups, there are several strategies we can follow with the offer, which involve either cashing out a profit (for example, when 1 goal is scored, making the game 2:1) or sticking with it and hoping for what is known as a ‘full turnaround’, i.e. letting our bet ride out and the backed team drawing or losing, and in this case, resulting in big profit.

Author: Ryan Patterson