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  High heels and maintenance knowledge 1, daily nursing: nursing simple everyday, can make leather shoes as good as new, more durable.
  1) a pair of leather shoes is best the next day to wear again.
  Because after a day of sweat will make replica louboutin pumps leather shoes to wear shoes produced in moisture, so after coming home, should be the shoes to dry in a cool ventilated place, to prevent the breeding of bacteria.
  2) usually wear shoes, applied shoe cloth or soft wipe the dust.
  The body of the shoe heel and the slot position, usable pointed brush to erase the dirt, and then put into the shoe stretcher, avoid leather deformation.
  If there is no shoe stretcher, can be put into the newspaper instead of.
  3) if the shoes get wet, the application replica louboutin shoes of dry cloth to absorb the moisture after leather shoes, put in a cool ventilated place let shoes air dry naturally, do not put wet shoes exposure, in the sun next to the air conditioner or blow dry, otherwise easy to burst phenomenon.
  Clean leather shoes, do not use washing and chemical solvent.
  2, special care: in addition to the daily care, some special cases, if properly handled, can make the shoes more beautiful and durable.
  1) inside the decolorization: general inside cheap louboutin boots the leather after dyeing, wearing plus foot temperature and sweat, may have discoloration situation, this is a normal phenomenon.
  Available wax applied to the inside, so that there are protective layer, can reduce the decolorization.
  2) zipper is not smooth: wax coated zippers, can improve the effect of.
  3) Denitrification: if there is a little cheap louboutin shoes denitrification, available matching shoes paste complementary color or white oil wipe gently denitrification part, remove stains.
  4) decorative metal buckle oxidation (gold, silver, copper buckle): silver buckle: available most fine number water sand paper to gently wipe the spots, with transparent shoe cream gently wipe can.
  5) white shoes besmirch: use a little transparent paste besmirch wipe shoes.
  Leather shoes in note a pair of good shoes, besides itself material maintenance, durable degree right wearing habits can improve leather shoes: meet new shoes is not easy to wear not reluctantly, should cheap louboutin wedges use shoehorn.
  Don't step on the heel shoes, so as to avoid the phenomenon of pile with.
  Leather shoes not damp, rain leaching, water brush, exposure and fire, accidentally meet water, should as soon as possible with a dry cloth to clean up and paper, put it in the ventilated dry, don't put in the sun exposure, next to the air conditioner or blow dry, otherwise it will burst or shrinkage.
  Leather soles do not tread water, gravel and hard objects, playing on recommendations to rubber sole, director of life.
  Regularly check the palmar surface (when wearing shoes with the ground to add layer), found that the depth of wear should be replaced promptly.
  Because of the role of human sweat, the leather shoes can be found in decolorization, is a normal phenomenon.
  Plating ornaments of metal color in friction or water replica christian louboutin boots will decolorization, is a normal phenomenon.
  Diamond, metal buckle for manual mosaic wearing them, or placed in a damp place will appear oxidation or fall off, is a normal phenomenon.
  Continuous wearing shoes should not be more than two days, so that the leather rest.